Career Guidance

What is the right Career for you?
A career guide is an individual that provides guidance to students facing a variety of career challenges. These challenges may include changing careers, building new skills and personal & professional development.

The common aim of the career guide whatever the particular situation of the individual being guided is normally to help that individual gain control of their career and to some extent of their life.

Basically for students we guide them for their higher education. Some people don’t have any goal in their life for those people we analyze their background and give the career details based on it.

If the student have goal, we give suggestions and guidance to highlights in that field. We also monitor those people after the guidance section. The guidance given through telephone or directly visits the person’s home if needed.

  • Visited 150 remote villages in 4 districts covered 1000 students
  • Through Telephone guidance given to 7000 students
  • On process