Calender for the Year 2015 - 16

Founders day celebration on June 21st 2014

Mobile Awareness Event

The following topics covered in this camp

Tree plantation

Plant a TREE ;Plant a TREE so that next generation can get AIR for FREE

Human Rights

Being human is given…. But keeping our humanity is a choice


Preserve , Protect and Save the ENVIROMENT avoid usage of PLASTICS


Think  before you DRINK  Think twice before you  DRIVE

Traffic rules

Traffic rules are LIFE saving TOOLS
Don’t leave your life on the ROAD


YOU educate a “MAN”
YOU educate a “MAN”
YOU educate a “WOMEN”
YOU educate a “GENERATION”

Child labour

STOP child labor……………SCHOOL is the best place to WORK


TERRORISM is contempt for HUMAN dignity

Old age persons

Respect our elders they made it through school without Google or Wikipedia
Every child is gifted they just unwrap their packages at different times