Health is more important in our life. To have healthy life we have to keep good diet and good exercising manner. Considering health, we are more concentrate on the eye… So far we had conducted 5 camps for Eye and the details as follows.

"Eye is the Lamp of the Body", some awareness slogans conveyed to people about eye. We strongly insist the people who attend the camp to donate their Eyes. "Please pass on the lamp", because of these the family voluntarily came and donate their eyes.

Through these camps we had achieved so many beneficiaries – details given below. "Eye Has One Language Every Where", please make it speak after though you left the world "Donate your Eyes".

Registration Details
Registration Details - Chitlapakkam
Registration Details - Madambakkam
Registration Details - PTC Quarters

Spectacles Details
Spectacles Details - Chitlapakkam
Spectacles Details - Patel Nagar
Spectacles Details - PTC Quarters
Spectacles List - Madambakkam

Program Report
Program Report - Madambakkam
Program Report - Patel Nagar
Program report - PTC Quarters

Eye Camp at Patel Nagar, West Tambaram (Mar 2015)