Munu Adhi Trust was started to commemorate the altrustic idealism of the late Sri Munu Adhi, a pioneering educationist, tireless crusader for the underprivillaged and an upfront 4- term MLA and former speaker of the TamilNadu Assembly.

What started as one man’s dream eventually became a triple dream of three persons over the years. We have come a long way but yet it looks as though our journey has just begin and we look forward to your support.

We had started it in 2005 and doing Educational services to underprivileged without any registration and unorganized manner. From 2005 to 2012 our focus is on Scholarship to needy children and providing supporting Teaching staff to Government HSS to in and around Tambaram area. In 2013-14 we are in a right path and rendering service as a professional NGO. It was registered after continuous insisting of our Project Director for the last 5 years. Finally we had registered it in 2014

Shri. Munu Adhi (04 - 09 - 1926 to 21 - 6 - 2005)

Founder 1949 Ward Member Tambaram Village Panchayat

1953 Vice-President Tambaram Village Panchayat

1962 MLA Saidapet Constituency Tamilnadu Assembly

1967 MLA Thirupur Constituency Tamilnadu Assembly

1967 Tambaram Municipal Chairman

1971 MLA Thirupur Constituency Tamilnadu Assembly

1977 MLA Tambaram Constituency Tamilnadu Assembly

1977 to 1980 Speaker Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly

1981 to 1988 Chairman Tamilnadu Agricultural High Level Committee

The Munuadhi Trust is now carrying forward his legacy and vision.Click here