Life Skill Training

Goal Setting
Memory Skill Class
How to Face Exam with Confidence

Goal Setting
Setting a Vision with Objectives and AIMS
Positive Attitude Game
Self Appreciation Game
Value Oriented Game with Currency and Paper
Personality Development
Preparing Goal, Readiness level, Smart Goals
Long Term & Short Term
How to set Goals
Educational Goal & Learning Method
Helps Problem Solving Methods
Self Esteem Building Activities
Value Based and Collaborative Learning
Interactive Session & Active Participation
Ready to Change Their Present Attitude
Spirit of Learning & Child Centered Training
Practice to Fit In With the Society
Be A Believer First To Became an Achiever & Believes In Their Ability
Character Building & Character Fostering

Memory Skill and Learning Skill
Memory stages
Linking Technique (Association method)
Mirror technique
Brain exercising methods practically implemented in training session
Remember formulae in Maths, Physics, chemistry Technique
Rhyme and song Technique
How to become excel in their studies
Training for fast reading and writing

How to Face Exam with Confidence
Effective Planning Innovative Method of Getting Easy Marks
Relaxation Technique & Prayer
Help To Cope With Stress
Pamphlets (Tips for Exam Preparation)
Exam Centum Tips

Goal Setting