PEP – Phonemes English Project

Why Phonemes English Project (PEP)?
English is an International link language. In today’s world learning English has become a necessity. In recent researches most of the Government School children lack the requisite skills in reading and writing English language.

Aim of the Project:
To teach Basic Grammar of the English language to Students of Class VI to VIII in Government Schools and Government Aided Schools

Teach English Grammar for students of Class VI, VII and VIII to speak English fluently, read with comprehension and write without errors.

Need for learning English (PEP):
The need for learning English - a global language - is strongly felt by rural and urban students who require facing the challenge of communicating in English. Most of the schools are not equipped to fulfill this need. They look forward to the help of NGOs.

Often times, English becomes the missing ingredient in the employability of rural children.

Recognizing the pressing need of teaching basic grammar of English language for the students in Urban and Rural Govt. schools, Munu Adhi Trust went about developing and designing an intensive 3 months course ‘Phonemes English Project (PEP)’. By conducting the course in 24 sessions of 90 minutes each, we aim the beneficiaries become capable of the following:

Long term benefits of the project
  • Read the English language using phonemes

  • Acquire the skill to refer dictionary

  • Learn the basic grammar

  • Write small sentences with correct spelling and grammar

  • Learning Basic Grammar will help for their Higher Education

  • Knowing the Grammar will improve the confidence level of the children

  • Employment prospects will improve

  • Good status and respect in Society

  • To developing English knowledge among underprivileged children

  • Minimize the Dropouts from Government Schools

  • Increasing percentage of Higher education

Beneficiaries: WHO ARE THEY?
  • Under privileged Children From Government schools – VI to VIII

  • School teachers by observing PEP Class gain the methodology adopted in PEP

  • Parents need not spend on Special English classes