Provision of Teaching staff to govt. Higher Secondary Schools

Why Provision of Supporting Teaching Staff to Government Schools?
We have been providing supporting teaching staff since 2005. Why should the children suffer for others Fault? We decided that Children should not suffer for un avoidable circumstances or others fault.

  • Lack of Teaching staff in GHSS in Tamilnadu

  • Teachers are over loaded

  • Teachers Vs Student ratio is very high

  • Teachers matter the most.

  • Teachers are overloaded with in administrative tasks. They spend their time filling forms rather than teaching or evaluating children.

Why do we have a learning crisis in our schools?
  • Teacher quality is not about qualifications, but the ability to connect with children

  • Children aren’t able to read and comprehend. They have very little understanding of basic math and science concepts too.

  • Children memorize and reproduce but do not internalize or understand what they have learnt. They are not able to apply basic concepts to day to day tasks, whether at school or at home.

  • The biggest tragedy of all – children do not develop fluency in any language, be it their mother tongue, medium of instruction or English

Aim of the Project:
  • To Reduce the dropout ratio

  • To increase the Pass percentage

  • To maximise the Higher Education ratio

  • To reach the Unreach

  • Support the Poor children not for their mistakes.

  • To support the Government in Teachers and students ratio

Our Success Stories
  • Our Faculties has achieved very high success ratio than regular teachers from GHSS.

  • We have a different teaching methodology and approach towards the students.

  • Individual attention to all by spending time with them for after school hours and even all the holidays were sacrificed by our faculties. They set a individual goals and worked on it and got a successful results.

  • GGHSS, Padappai , maths faculty went for maternity leave after quarterly exam when our then Faculty Miss . Divyabharathi K. entered in to the 12th class rooms the syllabus was not completed. She took that opportunity and taught various innovative teaching methods.

GGHSS, Padapai, Kanchipuram District.

S.No. Marks No of Students
1 190 to 196 02
2 180 to 190 06
3 160 to 180 20
4 100 to 160 30
5 70 to 100 12
Total 70

Total number of 12th students in Maths – 79

The Pass Percentage in Maths is 88%

Success ratios in GHSS by our Faculties

S.No Name of the School Place Subject Pass Percentage
1 GGHSS Padappai, Kanchipuram Dist Mathematics
Computer Science
2 GGHSS Chromepet Mathematics
Computer Science
3 Maraimalai Adigal GHSS Pallavaram Mathematics 70%
4 GHSS Otteri, Vandalur Computer Science 100%