Summer Coaching

Spoken English Training & Basic Computer Training:
There are a number of language schools promising that they will teach you to speak fluently. While telling you they will teach you to speak, they will actually teach you to read, to write, and to memorize grammar rules, but they will largely fail to retrain your tongue to speak the local language. Learning English now a day is seems difficult to the govt. and govt. aided schools. So we provide 30 days training to the students. In this 30 days, we also taking the Personality Development class, Motivational class, Love and infatuation training. So that the student’s confident level will improved widely.

In this training we helping the students to improve their hand writing, for that we make them to write 4 lines note practice. This training is not only given to improve the communication skill, but also their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Beneficiaries: 380 students (April to May 2014)

2014-15: On process

+2 going student:
In govt. and govt. aided schools, the lacking is starts from here. Comparing with Private schools, there is no proper facility in govt. schools also in govt. schools they are not utilize the vacation period for the +2 and 10th going students. If the syllabus for the +2 and 10th students starts at the vacation period they will get more time to score high marks. Probably it is not possible to get in to a real class.

So we give the chance to the students to learn their subjects in vacation period. Since we started the project in 2013-14, we had taken classes from the 1st and 2nd group students. This academic year we decide to take the classes during the academic period at the evening session.

Beneficiaries: 250 students - Physics, Maths and Chemistry (April to May 2014)